Prime Bel Air South American Modern

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Located on a knoll amongst some of the most valuable real estate sits this over 1 acre site approved for approx. 30,000 sf villa and guest house served by two garages and a long private driveway. South American and Modern architecture create a one of a kind masterpiece through the cohesion of stone, glass and steel with lush flora throughout. Multiple skylights allow warm, natural light to flood in highlighting the contrasts between the organic palate. Defining luxury, St. Cloud features world class amenities for the most sophisticated clientele. Perfectly positioned to take in panoramic vistas with views from Century City to the Pacific Ocean and conveniently located minutes from Beverly Hills and the Westside.

  • Type
    Single Family Residence
  • Address
    642 St Cloud
  • Sq Ft
  • Lot Size
    1 Acre
  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Status
    In Construction