Walden Drive

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Located in the flats of Beverly Hills, 711 Walden is a Spanish-styled hacienda for the Modern era. Approximately 8,500 square feet, Standard Architects designed Walden with a vision of blending the Southern California lifestyle with authentic Spanish architecture. Throughout the home, amenities such as the high tech media room, sauna, Jacuzzi and fully equipped gym give everything one of impeccable taste could wish. The gourmet kitchen is well equipped with anything a chef could need, while the library with a Spanish fireplace is perfect escape for any bookworm. Outside, the large backyard offers ample room for entertaining along side the granite lined pool. Overnight visitors can retire for the evening to the spacious guest house, rivaling the best of hotels that Beverly Hills has to offer.

  • Address
    711 Walden Drive
  • Sq Ft
  • Lot Size
  • Architect
    Standard Architects
  • Status
    In Construction