8920 Sunset Blvd: London Arts Club

132,000 SQFT, mixed-use building up to 120 feet in height on a 20,241 SQFT site located at 8920 West Sunset Boulevard and 1024–1036 North Hilldale Avenue in the City of West Hollywood. The development comprises publicly-accessible commercial spaces which will occupy Levels 1 through 4 of the new building, with retail uses and the art gallery on Level 1 (the ground floor level) and creative offices on Levels 2 through 4. The creative offices on Levels 2 through 4 will include open-air terraces on each level along the northern, southern, and western sides of the building. The members-only Arts Club will occupy Levels 5 through 9. Levels 5 through 8 will include restaurants, lounges and bars, private dining terraces on each level, screening rooms, a supper club, 15 guestrooms, and a fitness center/spa. The fitness center/spa on Level 5 will have an open-air dining terrace on the south side of the building and a view terrace on the northeast corner. The guestrooms would not function as a typical hotel use, since it would only be accessible to members of the Arts Club, but would provide for room service and contain mini-bars within each room. Level 9 would include a rooftop pool, changing rooms, a sun deck, and a bar and dining space, which will rise approximately 115 feet above the northeast corner of the Project Site along Sunset Boulevard. An exterior stairway on the southern side of the rooftop deck will allow for access to the restaurant, bar and supper club located on Level 8.

In addition parking within the proposed Project would be comprised within a fully automated parking structure contained in five subterranean levels and containing approximately 350 spaces.





8920 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood





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